What is Maslow’s Hierarchy?

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  • Author:Dominique Dunning
  • Published:2021
  • Country: United Kingdom

What is Maslow’s Hierarchy?

It is important for every carer to understand the foundations of the specialised care you provide as Foster Carers.

The Hierarchy of Needs produced by Abraham Maslow in 1943 identified an organisational theory understanding what people need and how their needs differ based on how each level of need is met.

When we apply this theory to the children we care for it is helpful to consider the effect of childhood experiences and the effects on each level. Not every child will be affected in the same way by similar experiences however the idea that without the basic physiological needs being met well it will be difficult to build to each subsequent level.

Maslow’s Hierarchy is referred to and explained in more detail throughout training as the foundation of stability for children in our care.

The Hierarchy of Needs produced by Abraham Maslow in 1943

Abraham Maslow Maslow's Hierarchy The Hierarchy of Needs What is Maslow's Hierarchy?
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