What is a Disruption Meeting?

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  • Author:Dominique Dunning
  • Published:2021
  • Country: United Kingdom

What is a Disruption Meeting?

Sadly at times, there is no alternative but to consider ending a placement. This can be for many reasons and most of which will carry a huge amount of anxiety, emotion and a sense of failure. As Foster Carers you need to be prepared for the process and feelings that accompany either a planned or emergency end to a child’s placement with you.

Why are they needed?

Often a disruption meeting is held after a carer has given the notice to end the placement and has felt let down, unsupported or concerns have not been acknowledged by services. On other occasions, it may be that the service provider does not feel the carer is meeting the needs of the child, or the child is not happy with the placement.

The purpose of the meeting should not be to apportion blame to services, the child or yourself as a carer but as a reflective opportunity to discuss what has gone wrong and how it can be avoided in the next placement for the child.

Who will be there?

It is good practice for a manager to chair the meeting. Usually, the child, the child’ social worker and manager, key worker or link worker and home manager from residential care. often the parents are invited. You, the carer and your Supervising/Link Social Worker and the child’s Independent Reviewing Officer and any other relevant professionals.

What is the purpose of the meeting?

The meeting should ensure that the child (depending on age and understanding) is given an opportunity to understand the reasons for a possible move. It will also ensure that the circumstance for the disruption is reviewed and that everyone concerned is able to:

  • Understand how the emergency/disruption occurred.
  • Learn what happened and how a similar situation can be avoided not only for the child but also for others who may be cared for.
  • To contribute to the future pan for the child.
  • Help identify any support of work needed and ensure it is completed.

A copy of the minutes should be circulated to all involved following the meeting.
It is important to understand where a long term foster placement is disrupted that a review of the foster carer can be requested by the service provider to consider the carer’s approval.

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