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  • Published:August 2022
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To the Moon and Back Foster Care is a different kind of foster agency

To the Moon and Back foster agency

We have created a place for foster carers to feel valued, safe, supported and where everyone feels they are part of the family, doing something special and incredible.

Our aim is to enable foster carers to feel knowledgeable, skilled and confident in their ability to support children and young people, who have experienced abuse or neglect, to reach their true potential in life.

We listen to and value our foster carers, ensuring they feel part of the improvement we make. We work proactively and offer round the clock support if needed, but we are so much more than someone at the end of a phone.

Moon and Back came from the vision of two friends, Angela and Alison.

After working in the fostering field for some time, they set out to create a special kind of fostering agency. Outstanding foster carer support, development and wellbeing is at the core of the agency, enabling foster carers to feel successful and valued.

The team are committed to the building of long-term relationships where foster carers feel cherished and respected for the crucial work they do with children in need of loving care and support.

Why choose Moon and Back

Why choose To The Moon & Back Foster Agency
Because we walk the talk. Ofsted said this year.

We built this new kind of agency from scratch, starting with our vision, values, beliefs, and holistic approach. We have put our foster carers at the heart of our support team and recognise the vital role that each family play in helping our children to heal and succeed in life. Our social workers work with no more than 10 families, ensuring that they can work closely with our foster carers getting to know them well and supporting the whole family to succeed in fostering. We are ethical, with a strong vision for the children in our care. We work closely with our foster families, matching their abilities and lived experience, with children and young people who need a loving home.

  • Ethical organisation
  • Therapeutic approach
  • Open and transparent
  • Warm caring team
  • Forward thinking
  • Relationships matter
To the Moon & Back Culture

We are an agency shaped by our ethical values and purpose led culture. We are friendly, open and transparent. Our people are kind and respectful and willing to advocate for what is right on behalf of our foster carers. We have a holistic approach that embraces individuality.

We offer our team the opportunity for remarkable development, connecting with fabulous leading-edge researchers and teachers to enable our team to be at their therapeutic best, ensuring that they are the best versions of themselves capable of enabling children to reach their true potential despite their challenging start in life.

Building relationships

To the Moon & Back Building Relationships

Our reputation is important to us. We invest in the time needed to build meaningful relationships with our foster carers and the team around the child.

We enable our team to spend the time needed to connect and work closely with our foster families, creating safe empathic spaces, where conversations are open and unrushed. We build trust and support our foster carers to feel confident, empowered and successful in their role.

Transfer to us

To the Moon & Back Transferring to us

Transferring to another foster care agency is a simple process. To The Moon and Back Foster Care is different. We have created a place for foster carers to feel respected, knowledgeable, and confident in their role.

We care about how our foster carers feel. We work to build a close relationship with our families and provide the individualised support that is meaningful and really helps carers to be successful.

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