The Fostering Services Regulations 2011

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  • Author:UK Government
  • Published:2011
  • Country: United Kingdom

The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011


Statement of purpose and children’s guide
1. The fostering service provider must compile a written statement in relation to the fostering service (“the statement of purpose”) which consists of—

  1. a statement of the aims and objectives of the fostering service, and
  2. a statement as to the services and facilities (including any parent and child arrangements) provided by the fostering service.

2. The fostering service provider must provide a copy of the statement of purpose to the Chief Inspector, place a copy on their website (if they have one), and make copies available, upon request, to—

  1. any person working for the purposes of the fostering service,
  2. any foster parent or prospective foster parent of the fostering service,
  3. any child placed with a foster parent by the fostering service, and
  4. the parent of any such child.

3. The fostering service provider must produce a written guide to the fostering service (“the children’s guide”) which includes—

  • a summary of the statement of purpose,
  • a summary of the procedure (the representations and complaints procedure) established—
    1. in the case of an independent fostering agency, under regulation 18(1),
    2. in the case of a local authority fostering service, under section 26(3) of the 1989 Act(1),
    3. in the case of a fostering agency falling within section 4(4)(b) of the 2000 Act, under section 59(4)(b) of the 1989 Act, and
  • the address, including the email address, and telephone number of the Chief Inspector.
  • 4. The fostering service provider must provide a copy of the children’s guide to the Chief Inspector, to each foster parent approved by the fostering service provider, and to each child placed by them (subject to the child’s age and understanding).

    5. Subject to paragraph (6), the fostering service provider must ensure that the fostering service is at all times conducted in a manner that is consistent with its statement of purpose.

    6. Nothing in paragraph (5) requires or authorises the fostering service provider to contravene or to fail to comply with—

    1. any other provision of these Regulations, or
    2. in the case of a fostering agency, any conditions for the time being in force in relation to the registration of the registered person under Part 2 of the 2000 Act.

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