Prospective Foster Carer Report (Form F)(Scotland) (PAR-S)

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  • Author:CoramBAAF
  • Published:2019
  • Country: Scotland

Prospective Foster Carer(s) Report (Form F) (Scotland)


This framework is intended to be used with applicants who are being assessed for their capacity to care for a child or young person in those situations where it is not intended that the child or young person becomes a permanent member of the family. It can therefore be used in the following circumstances: short breaks; respite care; emergency fostering; and task-centred, intermediate or temporary care. It could also be the basis for a kinship care assessment where such an arrangement is likely to be short-term.

Many agencies have designed their own formats for the assessment and preparation of kinship carers based on the work of the framework provided as an annexe to the guidance on Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009 and the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007, available at In those situations where applicants wish to offer care to a child or young person on a permanent basis, either through adoption or within the framework of a Permanence Order, then Form F (Adoption and Permanence) Scotland should be used.

The assessment report which is central to this Prospective Foster Carer(s) Report is a method of capturing the work that has been done with applicants to prepare them for the task of fostering, in order to convey to the fostering panel the essence of the applicants and their family. The assessment report is a means to an end and not an end in itself. It should reflect both the specific requirements of individual agencies and the general requirements of the 2009 Regulations and the National Care Standards.

To access a sample Form F Guidance from CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy please click on this link.

Prospective Adopters Report (Scotland) (PAR-S)

Including Concurrent Planning/Dual Approval of Adopters as Foster Carers

This form should be used in conjunction with the above form F.

To access a sample report from CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy please click on this link

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