Prospective Foster Carer Report (Form F)

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  • Author:CoramBAAF
  • Published:2018
  • Country: United Kingdom

Prospective Foster Carer Report (Form F) England (Corambaff)

Introduction Prospective Foster Carer Report (Form F)

These notes provide guidance about completing the Prospective Foster Carer Report (Form F) England. They are complemented by Chapman’s (2017) book on undertaking an assessment using Form F, and by Adams’ (2017) detailed guidance about best practices in undertaking checks and references.

This form has been designed for use in England; similar forms are available for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The form is not designed with family and friends carers in mind since an alternative assessment form – CoramBAAF Form C (Connected Person Report) – has been developed for this purpose.

Form F and the accompanying guidance were substantially revised in 2014 and last updated in 2018; these guidance notes were updated in 2019 with additional notes for carers of unaccompanied migrant children (pages 37-39).

To access a sample of the form from CoramBAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy please click on this link

F Form F Foster Carer Report Prospective Foster Carer Report
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