John Lewis Employment Programme for Care Leavers

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  • Published:January 2023
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John Lewis Employment Programme for Care Leavers

John Lewis Building a Happier Futures Programme.

Introduction to Building a Happer Futures John Lewis Employment Programme for Care Leavers

John Lewis recognised that not every child and young person has a fair start in life and was struck by the profound inequalities faced by children and young people who have been in care.

As foster carers, we all know the statistics show they are more likely to face homelessness, not be in education, employment or training.

As an employer and retailers, they want to do what they can to harness the talent and improve the lives of children who have grown up in care and have made a commitment to be there for the care experienced and support them through crucial life moments and are committed to providing employment opportunities and support so that Care Experienced People can have brilliant and fulfilling careers with us.

How does the John Lewis Building a Happer Futures Programme Work?

As foster carers, we help, support and assist our children and young people in education and then employment. We know how challenging it can be for our young people to get jobs so welcome this brilliant initiative from John Lewis.

Through 2021 & 2022 they have run various trials to support people from a Care Experienced background into employment within our retail branches.

They are currently working within London, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex and Nottingham with plans to expand into further regions throughout 2023 & 2024.

They have partnered with a mixture of Local Authorities and charities and have developed the following Supported Employment Approach:

STEP 1: Local Authority or Charity identifies Care Experience People who would like to find out more about a career within the Partnership.

STEP 2: Care Experience People are invited to attend an active location to find out more about the Partnership and our available roles, including a tour of the site.

STEP 3: Work experience is offered within the location so the Care Experience People can experience the reality of what it is like to work with us.

STEP 4: Following work experience, if the Care Experience People would be interested in applying for a position, and if the location has available vacancies, they will be invited to apply.

If work experience has been completed, the interview is guaranteed.

John Lewis says they are still learning, adapting and evolving their Supported Employment Approach, and it is important to note that not all of their Partnership locations are currently offering it.

However, they are working to expand their reach to support many more Care Experienced People in the communities within which they operate.

How can you access the John Lewis Building a Happer Futures Programme?

They have a list of the latest opportunities on their website here:

To find out more information and get involved you can email: [email protected]

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