Help, I have had an allegation made against me

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  • Published:November 2021
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What to do when an allegation is made against you

Help, I’ve had an allegation

This is one of the most nerve-wracking calls a foster carer can have, but we are here to help.
FosterWiki has produced a robust guide on how to deal with allegations, this includes a short course, an excerpt can be found below along with what you will learn.

What you will learn:

  1. What to do when you get the initial contact to say there is an allegation.
  2. Contact your union or your independent support as soon as you are able.
  3. First meeting with your social worker and manager.
  4. Collate your evidence with the help of your union or independent Support.
  5. A simple guide to the allegation process.
  6. Legislation relevant to an allegation.
  7. Payments in allegations.
  8. What happens if there is a police investigation?
  9. Top Tips.
  10. Help, support, and representation.

Additional Support

At FosterWiki we have compiled a range of documents in our member’s area that have been designed to help foster carers through these traumatic experiences.
In the members area you will find the following available:

  • What is an Allegation PDF Size: (95.45 KB)
  • Allegations- From the foster carers’ perspective PDF Size: (694.97 KB)
  • I have had an allegation – help! PDF Size: (263.47 KB)
  • Social Workers – Professional Standards PDF Size: (112.45 KB)
  • Panel Statement PDF Size: (113.84 KB)

As well as links to our supporting pages

  • Help and Support for Foster Carers.
  • A guide to Standards of Care Investigations (soc).
  • A foster carer’s guide to transferring to another Local Authority or Agency.
  • Subject Access Request (SAR) Complaint Example Template.
  • Top 10 Tips for Allegations.

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Information, Help and Support

Help and support are created for foster carers, by foster carers, we are experts by experience. We have the first foster carers knowledge bank.
Please find our help and support page here.

Access both the open pages and members area. Both are free to access and footprint-free. The member’s area gives you privileged confidential access to FosterWiki experts by experience for advice and guidance.

NUPFC – The National Union of Professional Foster Carers

The only government-approved and certified trade union dedicated to foster carers. A member-centric organisation run by professionals who are experts by experience.
The union will support and protect you fully in allegations, with a caseworker and a union rep to assist with your defence, to be on your side and virtually attend panels and other critical meetings. The NUPFC campaigns include rights for foster carers and a central licensing body.

The NUPFC, similar to all other unions and organisations, require that you are a member already when you access help, support, allegation casework and representation. So, it is advisable to join for future security and peace of mind.

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