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“All foster carers receive an allowance for each child they foster. The amount depends on the age of the child and is paid per day or per week depending on how long the child is in the care of a foster family.

The basic allowance is to cover food, clothing, pocket money, a contribution towards housing costs such as household bills and other expenses associated with day-to-day living. Foster carers also receive set allowances to cover “additional costs” such as caring for a child over Christmas or another significant religious festival and the child’s birthday. When attending meetings or training, foster carers can also claim travel and childcare expenses against limits set by Hampshire County Council.

Rates for allowances and expenses are set annually by Hampshire County Council in line with recommendations from a fostering charity, Fostering Network. Fostering Network is a charity supporting foster carers and working to improve the lives of children in care. Recommended rates for fostering allowances are based on the real costs of looking after someone else’s child plus the additional costs associated with a child in foster care and the roles, responsibilities and availability required of foster carers.” [Hampshire County Council]

Below is some useful information to help you when making claims and about the allowances you are entitled to as a Hampshire County Council Foster Carer.

If there is anything not currently on the Hampshire County Council website which you want to know about then please speak to your family placement social worker.

You can find further information on Hampshire County Council policies here.

Useful Contact Information

Out of hours: 0300 555 1373
Foster carers payments: 01962 847598
Placement team: 01489 587047
Director: [email protected]
Assistant Director: [email protected]
County service manager, Fostering & Adoption: [email protected]

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