Care Standards Act 2000

  • Gov Leglislation
  • Author:UK Government
  • Published:2000
  • Country: United Kingdom

Care Standards Act 2000 – National Minimum Standards.

The appropriate Minister may prepare and publish statements of national minimum standards applicable to establishments or agencies.

But the Welsh Ministers may prepare and publish such a statement only in relation to establishments for which the Welsh Ministers are the registration authority.

The standards applicable to an establishment or agency for which the CIECSS is the registration authority may, in particular, explain or supplement requirements imposed in relation to that establishment or agency by regulations under section 22.

The appropriate Minister shall keep the standards set out in the statements under review and may publish amended statements whenever he considers it appropriate to do so.
Before issuing a statement, or an amended statement which in the opinion of the appropriate Minister effects a substantial change in the standards, the appropriate Minister shall consult any persons he considers appropriate.

The standards shall be taken into account—

  • in the making of any decision by the registration authority under this Part;
  • in any proceedings for the making of an order under section 20;
  • by the registration authority in considering whether to serve a notice under section 22B;
  • in any proceedings on an appeal [F4under section 21]; and
  • in any proceedings for an offence under regulations under this Part [F5or proceedings against a voluntary adoption agency for an offence under section 9(4) of the Adoption Act 1976 or against a voluntary adoption agency or adoption support agency for an offence under section 9 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002.
Care Act Care Standards Act 2000 National Minimum Standards NMS

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