Adoption (Intercountry Aspects) Act 1999

  • Gov Leglislation
  • Author:UK Government
  • Published:1999
  • Country: United Kingdom

Summary of Adoption (Intercountry Aspects) Act 1999

The Act:
Amends the Adoption Act 1976 (“the 1976 Act”) and the Adoption (Scotland) Act 1978 (“the 1978 Act”) in respect of intercountry adoption; enables the United Kingdom to ratify the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Intercountry Adoption; this was concluded at the Hague on 29 May 1993 on behalf of Great Britain and will be implemented mainly in regulations. Northern Ireland intends to introduce legislation at a later date to give effect to the Convention; introduces sanctions to deal with unacceptable practices in intercountry adoption.

Implementation of Convention

  1. Regulations giving effect to Convention.
  2. Central Authorities and accredited bodies.

Convention adoptions

  1. Convention adoption orders.
  2. Effect of Convention adoptions in England and Wales.
  3. Effect of Convention adoptions in Scotland.
  4. Annulment of Convention adoptions etc.
  5. Acquisition of British citizenship by Convention adoptions.
  6. Meaning of “Convention adoption” and related expressions in 1976 and 1978 Acts.

Intercountry adoptions

  1. Adoption Service to include intercountry adoptions etc.
  2. Approval of adoption societies to provide intercountry adoption services.
  3. Six months residence required for certain intercountry adoptions.
  4. Registration of certain intercountry adoptions.
  5. Construction of certain references in 1976 and 1978 Acts.

Miscellaneous and supplemental

  1. Restriction on bringing children into the United Kingdom for adoption.
  2. Amendments and repeals.
  3. Devolution.
  4. Savings for adoptions etc. under 1965 Convention.
  5. Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent.
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