Transferring with FosterWiki

FosterWiki support, help and preferential referrals for foster carers wishing to transfer providers.

I believe that by normalising the transferring of providers by foster carers, by making it more accessible, quick, easy and safer, we will help raise the bar of excellence across the sector and ensure foster carers get the support they truly deserve for themselves and the children they care for. FosterWiki is about to revolutionise transferring.

Introduction Transferring with FosterWiki

We feel that if you are unhappy with your fostering services if they are not meeting your or your children’s needs, you have given them ample feedback and opportunity to improve, or worse still are afraid to give them feedback, then they are not working for you, and ultimately that has a big impact not just on retention but on the children in your care and the support they have.


Transferring with FosterWiki

The only way we will raise standards for foster carers and the children they care for is by normalising transferring and making it easier and standard. If fostering providers realise their foster carers can and will transfer easily if they are not happy they will
have to improve.

The ability to transfer will also help the retention of good carers in the system, which is at a critical point at present with over 50%* stating are, or have thought about leaving fostering.

Foster carers’ licences are traditionally ‘owned’ by the people they work for and they are often fearful of transferring, this means all the sub-standard practices, unacceptable working conditions and low pay can continue as carers continue to feel they have no choice.

What traditionally prevents carers transferring?

Traditionally foster carers don’t transfer much as they have had to go through their Form F again, they think it will take ages and they are fearful of reprisals from their providers.

So many foster carers stay with fostering services they are deeply unhappy with because they feel for some reason they are unable to move.

What is FosterWiki doing about it?

FosterWiki is working with what we consider the best providers around the UK, and by best, we mean how they work with their foster carers and what support, backing and package they give, after all, happily secure and protected carers deliver happy, stable and secure family settings for children and young people.

We are working with these providers to revolutionise the transfer process for foster carers and their children, to make it quicker, safer and smoother and FosterWiki work with you to help and support you through that process.

How do you know you’re not going out of the frying pan into the fire?

The truth is that up until now that’s been difficult to know, as all the fostering agencies and local authority fostering websites pretty much all look the same, with lots of lovely pictures of happy families and claims of the best support and all promising you the world, you have no idea if they can deliver until after you have become approved.

This is where FosterWiki is now making a difference, we are independent and impartial and we are working closely with our provider partners, speaking to carers themselves, to the top people in the organisations, ensuring they can deliver for you, value you, have good packages and fully support you and your children in every way.

At FosterWiki we have to know, despite an imperfect system, you will be getting the very best of that system because…we are you. We know that no one is perfect, but any provider we refer you to will be one of the very best.

Plus as a FosterWiki transfer, you will get the best treatment and offers as we have our own reputation to uphold and our providers know they have to deliver for us.

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