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Foster Carers Toolkit a Step by Step Guide

Welcome to FosterWiki’s Foster Carers Toolkit a Step by Step guide on becoming a foster carer, on this page, you will find a clear and simple guide to all the basic information you will need to start your journey to fostering. 

The content is designed to ensure you are prepared for the basics and can safely foster.

Each card below will open up a new window with a topic that we recommend you read and although you do not need to read each article in the order we list them,  it would be beneficial to ensure you read all of them. 

Some cards might require you to be a member of FosterWiki, don’t worry joining FosterWiki is free, and do not pass your information on to third parties.

Just click on the cards below and enjoy.

Foster Carers Toolkit

What to read first?

TOP TIPS for Foster Carers

FosterWiki is designed for easy reading, however, we understand you have very limited time as foster carers so we have produced short and easy-to-read TOP TEN tips to accompany the main articles on FosterWiki.

Just click on the list below to be taken to the top ten tips in a new window.

10 Top Allegation Tips You Need to Know


Safeguarding is one of the cornerstones of fostering and it covers a wide range of topics from online safety to abusive behavior. 

As a foster carer, you will be expected to do a basic course and repeat this every 3 years, however, these are just basic courses and can leave you and your family as well as the children and young people you care for at risk. 

At FosterWiki we recommend you continually study and learn so we have put a few links that you might find useful to enhance the basic safeguarding courses you will do.

Mental Health

The Mental Health of Foster Carers is as important as any other member of the team around the child/young person and therefore we recommend you watch our 5 Top Tips for self-care and mental Health.

National Union of Professional Foster Carers (NUPFC)

Providing Valuable Support for Foster Carers

The NUPFC is the first government-approved and certified trade union supporting and protecting foster carers.

Whilst the fostering of a child or children is certainly one of the most rewarding things you can do, it is no doubt without its challenges.

If you are an experienced fosterer, you will know that sometimes things happen that may place you in a situation where you really don’t know where to turn for independent and trustworthy advice.

Join the NUPFC
Join the NUPFC Now!

This week I am still a foster carer because of Robin and the NUPFC, and my young people still have their home, we are all so relieved, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Membership Benefits

  • Protection and security.
    Representation during the allegations process.
  • Representation during standard of care proceedings.
  • Solutions to everyday problems between you and your agency or local authority.
  • Member benefits include discounts at high street shops, holidays, and amazing Merlin Entertainment days out.
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