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Half of the foster carers consider giving up their role due to the cost of living crisis

Half of foster carers consider giving up role due to cost of living crisis

Published by Willis Palmer, 2022

Over half of foster carer respondents to a recent survey said they are considering giving up fostering due to the impact of the cost of living crisis.

More than 1,000 foster carers took part in the FosterWiki cost of living crisis survey and 89% said they are having to cut back on money spent on the children, impacting on food, heating, travel and activities, and 2.5% had resorted to food banks. Fifty-four per cent of the foster carers questioned have said they are considering giving up fostering as they will be left with no alternative.

In 2021 The Fostering Network conducted their State of the Nation’s Foster Care survey which found that 59% of foster carers said that their fostering allowance and expenses did not meet the full costs of looking after their fostered child.

Recruiting and retaining sufficient numbers of foster carers, with the skills, capacity, motivation, and resilience to provide children with what they need to thrive remains challenging and without adequate remuneration in an economy in crisis is not going to be possible, the report by FosterWiki finds.

The survey reveals a sector in crisis:

  • 97% said they are significantly impacted by the cost of living crisis
  • 87% reported that they have had no financial help at all
  • 86% reported no help or any discounted rates on their council tax
  • 71% saying the travel allowances don’t cover transporting children
  • 23% said they don’t even get paid fuel allowances
  • Nearly 40% of foster carers have no other income, fostering is their main job and only source of income.

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