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FosterWiki’s Sarah Anderson on the Trisha show

Talk TV Trisha Goddard talking to Sarah Anderson about Fostering and the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Talk TV – Trisha Goddard Show on YouTube

“In case you didn’t notice and all those lovely adverts are on TV one of which this year is the John Lewis ad I don’t know if you’ve seen it it’s a middle-aged aged man teaching himself to skateboard and he Takes a Tumble and what have you and there’s this gorgeous music going on in the background and then we explain why he’s doing such a dangerous thing at his age there’s a young girl a teenage girl um with a social worker clutching her skateboard and it’s about Foster parenting, there are it highlights Britain’s 106 000 Foster carers and on social media, of course, social young adults who’ve actually been in foster care and flourished, as a result, have been quick to praise it and it’s fantastic I have to say Foster carers are unsung heroes.”

Trisha Goddard

“I call it the Orphan Annie syndrome and I’m sure you can relate to this being an adopter of the Little Orphan and he turns up on your doorstep with a pink suitcase and you all live happily ever after and that’s a very palatable public perception but of course what you get on your doorstep is an incredibly traumatised child and you know the behaviours the outward projection the behaviours that they display are always as a result of that underlying trauma and as a foster carer you have to have the education.

I certainly believe anyway don’t get me wrong you’ll need to have the nurture and the desire to care and love but you also that’s not enough we’re not just parents. “

Sarah Anderson

Watch the full interview on the Trish Goddard show on Talk Tv’s YouTube Channel here.