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Elevate foster carer support with FosterWiki’s commitment to excellence as we set a new standard in foster carer support

FosterWiki Support Services?

Since 2020, FosterWiki has established itself as the premier information, advice, and support service for foster carers and the broader industry. Created and led by the foster carer community, our platform is built on a robust knowledge base derived from real-life, frontline practice.

FosterWiki is renowned for its straightforward, accessible information and guidance, reflecting the realities of everyday fostering. Our service continues to evolve, now offering comprehensive toolkits, templates, articles, news updates, newsletters, and a first-class helpline. Every day, our experienced peers provide real-time help and support.

Our new FosterWiki Support Services are designed to improve retention, recruitment, and placement stability, ultimately leading to better outcomes for children. We provide foster carers with respect and recognition, ensuring they are well-equipped to succeed.

Why Choose FosterWiki Support Services?

FosterWiki has been a lifeline for me in supporting my child. It validates me as a foster carer and makes me feel respected. What I love the most is how relatable it is, knowing it's created by people from our own community.

Invaluable Unique Resources

FosterWiki offers meticulously curated information, tools, tips, and advice from experienced foster carers, addressing frontline challenges with a deep understanding of frontline practice. All are underpinned by National Minimum Standards and Statutory Regulations.

Professional Development

Apart from the effective learning on every FosterWiki page, we also provide exclusive
discounts on National Foster Carer Qualifications, offering unique Foster Carer Accreditation opportunities.

Exclusive access to specialised free courses such as “Allegations: A FosterWiki step-by-step guide for foster carers.”

Also available to any service buying memberships for their foster carers is exclusive discounted access to the NFCQ Integrated Foster Carer Assessment and Approval Process (IAP).

Every single page on FosterWiki has been invaluable for my CPD, more so than anything else in all honesty.. It's so easy to access the information I need – whether I'm searching, or just browsing (which I love to do!) the pages speak to me as a foster carer. The way the content relates to my everyday practice is amazing.

Comprehensive Support

From email helplines available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to tax advice and webinars from a specialist accountants and fostering mortgage specialists, FosterWiki ensures foster carers have access to essential guidance and resources when needed.

Developed over the last 3 years we offer enhanced support for your foster carers with our state of- the-art helpline services. Delivered via email to maintain confidentiality, privacy standards and boundaries, our personalised packages integrate relevant information and resources, aligned with NMS and statutory regulations.

Our helpline is staffed by FosterWiki coordinators—respected foster carers with years of frontline practice and proven success, all conforming to safeguarding and child protection protocol whilst respecting foster carer’s confidentiality. Ensuring foster carer confidentiality creates a safe peer led environment for open communication, enhancing placement stability, quality of care, positive outcomes, and improved retention rates.

Thank you, FosterWiki, for being a shining light for foster carers. We strive for the best outcomes for our young people but sometimes feel overwhelmed by legislation and social care jargon. FosterWiki helped me achieve a positive outcome, and I couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you from a very grateful foster carer.

Allegation guidance

 Upholding the highest ethical standards, we offer extensive personalised help, including guidance and assistance with allegations.

Our priority is providing support, both practical and emotional, education, guidance, toolkits, all delivered by experts with practical experience.

At FosterWiki, transparency and integrity are paramount in our service offerings. We ensure foster carers receive superior assistance, support, education, and guidance while understanding the scope of our services.

***Legal Support Recommendations - For representation and casework in allegations, we recommend membership in the National Union of Professional Foster Carers (NUPFC). This organisation provides the necessary legal framework and tailored insurance packages, nobody else does this, and at a time of allegation a foster carer may want these enhanced services. Membership is at the discretion of the foster carers.

Registering is straightforward and effortless

Discover the seamless simplicity and ethical integrity of FosterWiki. Easily provide your foster carers with our service by purchasing the desired number of membership codes and your foster carers sign up with them.

This delivery ensures a direct relationship with foster carers while we work alongside services and agencies, ensuring alignment with organisational goals while prioritising the needs, interests, and confidentiality of foster carers. This maintains the integrity of the independent service foster carers are calling for.

Collaborative Approach
At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to evolve and improve, creating a bigger and better service every day. Guided by the foster carers and providers feedback and engagement, we are dedicated to serving the foster carer, while collaborating with services and agencies to enhance everyone’s experience.


Our initial offering is just £2.99 per carer per month for an annual membership.

Purchasing memberships is straightforward. You pay us per membership, and we provide you with a code. You then distribute this code to your foster carers, who use it to sign up directly with us.

This process ensures that we deliver the independent service foster carers desire and maintain independent working relationships with them.

FosterWiki Support Services


“It is certainly a comprehensive and helpful resource for foster carers, the articles and links are very accessible…you have developed a great ‘go to’ site for foster carers…so really well done and thank you.”

"Thank you, FosterWiki, for being a shining light for foster carers. We strive for the best outcomes for our young people but sometimes feel overwhelmed by legislation and social care jargon. FosterWiki helped me achieve a positive outcome, and I couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you from a very grateful foster carer."

"Honestly if you really want to be a Foster Carer you will do it come hell or high water we did.... However if we did not have the Foster Wiki guidelines then we would not be here now."

"I love reading your articles. I have experienced every emotion and feeling you describe. I also now know I’m not alone."

“FosterWiki thank you, honestly the things I’ve listened to so far and read by you are spot on I want to do a good job, I want to be informed. Another foster parent in a Facebook group introduced me to your page. I’m baffled why all agencies and LA don’t sign post straight to your website it’s the only info I’ve seen written by a foster parent for a foster parent.”

“Thanks so much for the info you provide, I’m a newly approved carer and your info is so valuable, I also listened to some of your podcasts. Why is there so little info out there? I’m with a large agency and the info is not easy found it’s so frustrating! Anyway thank you and I love your work!”

"I am a foster carer and tried to re-mortgage using my foster care payments. I was repeatedly turned down by all the lenders. Then I found the Mortgage Heroes through my membership of FosterWiki and managed to get the mortgage I needed within about 1 month. They have been amazing. I 100% recommend them."

"This is excellent material, well done #FosterWiki. I'm doing training with foster parents tomorrow, my first item will be to ask them if they know about FosterWiki and to tell them what an informative resource FosterWiki is."