FosterWiki Partnership

Your adverts can click straight through to your website or through to your own FosterWiki page, here is an example:

These pages are FosterWiki branded, written in the same style as our information and guides pages.

Having your own FosterWiki page takes advantage of a third-party endorsement and the trusted independent FosterWiki brand.

They also contain links to your website and any other links that enhance your organisation for example press, testimonials, media, offers, and services. 

Why FosterWiki?

Since FosterWiki launched in September 2021 it has enjoyed unprecedented stats.  We have 749.63k total requests over a 30 day period (May – Jun3 2023) and it is still growing.

FosterWiki is totally unique there is no other equivalent platform in the fostering industry or community. It advertises to a targeted fostering audience; it is also used by the 3rd sector.

FosterWiki Partnerships

FosterWiki is free to the user, instantly accessed with no login and new content regularly uploaded. All content is driven by experienced professional contributors and is underpinned by legislation and fostering standards. Foster carers have expressed trust in FosterWiki.

All pages are made for sharing and are designed to be attractive, easy, and simple to read and engage with. They are perfect for social media across all platforms, and for sending via email or message.

FosterWiki advertising partnerships are as unique as the platform itself, designed for maximum impact, exposure, engagement and uptake, the partnership packages are fully immersive and bespoke.

The FosterWiki Partnerships Page

This takes advantage of the trusted FosterWiki brand and successful page formula. Here are a few examples: All FosterWiki partnerships will have an entry in the FosterWiki Directory as part of the package.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Metatags will be embedded in your page, all the keywords relating to you that will bring up your page when users are searching for those keywords. I.e., ‘be a foster carer’ ‘transfer’.

Your organisation will be endorsed in the FosterWiki member’s Newsletter and across the FosterWiki social media outlets.

FosterWiki is designed for social media sharing and internet use, pages are easy to share, and the FosterWiki brand gains traction, engagement, and is trusted by foster carers and the fostering industry alike.


Your adverts will appear in rotation with others on all wiki pages, including the front landing/home page. Sample adverts can be seen to the right. 

Full Immersion & Integration

Full immersion and integration across FosterWiki with links to your page from other FosterWiki pages.

For instance, links to an agency page will be integrated into all pages relating to foster care, being a foster carer, top tips, wanting to transfer and more.

Sample Adverts