Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a few of the more frequently asked questions, should you require further assistance please email us at [email protected]  or via our contact page.

Click on the sign-in box on the top-right menu and choose register. You will be taken to a screen to select a membership plan, click on the membership plan you require and press Register as a member now button.

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For example, UX$cHyijqYgf9TY3B is a strong password.

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As a logged in user you can reset your account password from the “my account” menu, just click “reset password” and follow the simple steps on screen. Remember that the password strength must be medium  or strong.

If you need to reset your password as you can not remember it, please use the forgot password link on the bottom of the sign-in box or in the menu under sign in.

To contact the FosterWiki team please email us at [email protected] or use one of the online forms.

To delete your account, please email at [email protected], from the registered email address and request deletion of your information.

If you wish to re-register, go ahead and click the register button again.

Click on my account in the top right-hand corner and select “Dashboard”. Please note you must be logged in to add an article to the FosterWiki.

Select Add to our wiki on the top bar and fill in the form. Please do not send in any images that contain children or looked after children/children in care when you submit your article as FosterWiki will not be able to use them, please also ensure you own the copyright to any images you submit.  When writing your article please ensure you include any references to quotes or statistics.

All articles are attributed to the author of the article, please ensure that you do not breach any copyright laws. As the author, you are responsible to ensure the relevant permissions have been acquired and the information submitted is correct.