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Who are

We are a medium-sized agency established in 2001, we have consistently provided vulnerable children and young people with safe and comfortable places to live.

We are a close-knit family of supervising social workers and support staff, who have steadily grown to deliver a high-quality fostering service underpinned by, inclusive, and dedicated foster carers.

Why foster with

Our services have been consistently rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, which is further underlined in our feedback from foster carers and children in our care who’s testimonials speak for themselves:

You will really feel part of our fostering family, from our Carer Recruitment Officer introducing you to the application process, to our placement team helping build your profile and finding you perfect matches.

We are proud all our staff are personally involved in every part of your journey ensuring there is always a friendly face and someone available to help when needed.

We are an established agency, starting out in 2001, we have consistently provided vulnerable children and young people with safe and comfortable places to live.

Most of our foster carers will have met, or at least spoken to, all of our staff at one time or another.

The Training Provides Foster Carers

We provide our foster carers with not only a full range of training courses from your mandatory First Aid courses to additional Makaton training enabling us to deliver the best possible care for our young people.

Professional training courses are available to all our foster carers. They’re completely free, high-quality, flexible and straightforward. They’ve been designed to give you valuable skills and help you grow in confidence and knowledge.

Our foster care training has been created to fit around your life. This means you won’t have to go far to find one of our training centres, and you can access many courses from your computer, tablet and smartphone.


We value our foster carers and ensure that is reflected in all ways, including allowances and pay, Remuneration is a minimum of £381 per child per week (£1,640 per month), and in many cases much more. Generous tax allowances mean that this is usually tax-free for up to two children but we can help you ascertain your precise position. Additional payments for children’s birthdays, Xmas etc are also made.

Money is important and we will be completely transparent so please ask any questions. Our carers can also claim a wide range of perks and benefits.


We believe that a successful foster family starts with matching a child’s needs with a foster carer’s skills, experience, and home situation taking into consideration any birth children in the home.

We are also small enough to be able to deliver personalised local support around the clock, and host events so we can maintain a hands-on approach.

We have Carer Representatives who are on hand to support and put forward any ideas for improving our service, we also have support groups creating opportunities to meet other foster carers in your area. From hosting Award Ceremonies to celebrate our carers and young people to taking our young people on day trips to Alton Towers we are always looking for new ways to appreciate and help our carers.

Start your fostering career with

Starting your career as a foster carer can be daunting but we can help. You can chat to our Carer Recruitment Officer or one of our existing foster carers whether by phone, zoom or in person. No questions or concerns are off limits and you are ensured a friendly, honest, professional response.

Are you an existing Foster Carer?

If you would like to consider switching to us we can assure you of complete confidentiality whilst you assess your options. Our particular advantages are, firstly our in-house placement matching service with staff who know your requirements and skills in detail and who will take time with you to ensure appropriate matches are made.

You will have the final say in who lives in your home.

Secondly, our excellent support with low caseloads for our ssws ensuring time is available to support you.

At we are always happy to talk so please contact us at [email protected] or on the following dedicated number 07495 775695. We look forward to speaking to you.

The Old Power Station, Unit 2, Ardington, Wantage OX12 8QJ
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