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CHARMS(TM) is not like other computer systems...

It's Just Like the Paper Files - But Better and Safer.

CHARMS(TM) was designed, from the outset, to mimic the best features of paper files. A simple case record, in chronological order, with separate sections for each stage of the assessment, training and approval processes.

CHARMS(TM) has just ONE, easy-to-use screen to record ALL of the chronology.

CHARMS(TM) is also as safe as we can possibly make it. It has been tested against the most stringent criteria and by a host of technical professionals. Independent penetration testing has been carried out many times. We also carry out our own penetration testing for each new release using Acunetix.

Our customers have also played a significant part over the years, offering sensible suggestions - and sometimes even constructive criticisms - so that CHARMS does what the children's and adults' services community need in an ever-changing environment.

CHARMS - Post Adoption Support Software

Post Adoption Support and Birth Records Counselling.
CHARMS-PostAdoption allows recording of Referrals and progresses through the system; including enquiry received, recorded on the system, file requested…

CHARMS-PostAdoption monitors requests for files/information from other Authorities if a child had been placed elsewhere.
Likewise, other agencies may ask for files from your agency and these requests will be recorded.
Movement of paper files.

CHARMS - Training Administration Software

CHARMS System Features – Training Administration.

Our typical users will have anything between a few hundred and tens of thousands of enrolments on the system in any one year and through the CHARMS course, administrators can send thousands of booking confirmations and reminders by SMS/Email.

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