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Celebrate Foster Carers Christmas Day

Celebrate Foster Carers Christmas Day

Author: Carolyn Moody MBE
November 2022

I think Foster Carers deserve to be celebrated as they contribute so much daily to a child’s life. Now we will be getting festive and trying to make Christmas special for the children.

Many of us also have lost loved ones through many different circumstances so it will be a difficult time. However, we will soldier on and put on a brave face because we know how difficult this day is also for many foster children.

For me, this will be my 13th Christmas without my father as he unexpectedly took his own life. ‘Suicide’. I know there are a lot of people out there who have also lost friends and family to suicide. I find comfort that people are now talking about suicide and we are all more aware of trying to do something about this.

I think about the loss of my father all the time. I can relate to the unexpected loss of loved ones. The wonderful children that I have met along the way, and just how truly painful Christmas can be..for us all, it is a day of sadness due to separation from our loved ones.

Some children just can’t cope, kick-off, or for others, they hide this well.

It is no surprise really, their concept of a loving parent after experiencing unacceptable practices of abuse trauma, and neglect.

I find comfort in the fact that I had a great dad, funny kind, and thoughtful. I have met children who have never known their dad, they left long before birth or shortly after or they died or went to prison, but whatever the reason they are not present in their lives.

In our house we have all experienced loss, this has given me empathy and I can reflect and find comfort that we are making that difference. In our home it is very different now, they are experiencing a Foster dad whose presence brings them fun, warmth, and safety, he listens and guides them through life’s everyday challenges and he will be there for all of us on Christmas Day…

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