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Our unrivalled personalised approach sets you up for a successful fostering career working alongside people with the highest standards

“At FosterWiki your success is our success, foster carers and the children they care for are in our DNA. With over 100 years of combined fostering experience our team have the authority and insider knowledge combined with a trusted reputation that can not be equalled.”
The FosterWiki Team

Introduction to how to become a Foster Carer with FosterWiki

FosterWiki has bought working with, and caring for looked after children into the 21st century, we are creating a revolution in foster caring.

We believe that being a modern foster carer is so much more than nurturing a child in a family environment, although it is of course centred around this, being a skilled qualified practitioner and loving and nurturing a child are not mutually exclusive, in fact, quite the opposite, it enhances a role that requires us to be more than a ‘spare room’ and be equipped to work with and look after our children and young people.

Become a Foster Carer

Not all fostering agencies are equal

Finding the right people to foster for can be a minefield especially if you are new to fostering.

Google ‘fostering’ and you will find a list of independent agencies, local authorities and recruitment agencies, all with their own adverts, all claiming to offer the ultimate experience, finding the gems amongst them can be very difficult as it’s a very competitive market.

FosterWiki is first and foremost an expert fostering organisation passionate about sharing information, guidance, knowledge, articles, news,  services and empowering the fostering sector.

The unique FosterWiki experience

  • We have the inside knowledge of agencies and local authorities and are experts in the workforce, our people have years and years of experience and knowledge and have engaged with thousands of foster carers, local authorities and agencies throughout the UK.
  • We have just one mission, to set you up with exactly the right people, who are exactly the right fit and set you up for a long, successful and happy fostering career.
  • We are by your side and support you before and throughout the process, after your approval and beyond.
  • We endorse agencies and local authorities who have high standards of education, and who professionally value their foster carers as qualified skilled experts in their own field.
  • We only work with providers who are modernising, listening, adapting and evolving.
  • We promote agencies and authorities who provide good packages of remuneration, respite/holiday and good support, healthy working environments and positive cultures, and those who truly deliver for foster carers and the children they care for.
  • We leave the politics to everyone else, we find a fostering provider that suits you and your family, where you will thrive and foster for many years to come.
Become a Foster Carer