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There is this big myth in caring that all you need is a spare room and a big heart and that somehow to call a carer a skilled professional undermines that or suggests that you don’t care, but nurturing and caring for a child or young person and being a skilled, qualified professional are not mutually exclusive – ask any paediatric nurse, teacher or doctor.
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson

Join the team and share your knowledge here at the FosterWiki. It is Free to join and we only talk about Fostering… 

Sarah Anderson

Our Team

Our team at FosterWiki are current Foster Carers that have many decades of experience within the fostering community and fostering. The founder of FosterWiki is Sarah Anderson.

After many years working as a psychotherapist, working with looked after children and young people in NHS mental health, Sarah wanted to dedicate more time to them on a daily basis and so became a foster carer. Sarah and her family have specialised in fostering adolescents for 14 years.

Sarah has supported, represented and campaigned for carers from beginnings in her local authority fostering association, to heading up and developing up a successful union branch for foster carers, and then an Alliance for foster carers. Sarah now works as an Independent Fostering Consultant.


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